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If you have any open questions, please have a look at our FAQs first. If these cannot be answered, please contact our support via the button at the bottom right.



29 + 30 June 2021 from 13:00-17:00 CEST each day

  • The latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox
  • A camera and microphone for participating in video calls, live lectures and consultations
  • Participation preferably from a home device and a home network in order to circumvent restrictions imposed by company firewalls
  • In the best case, a screen larger than 13 inches

Yes you can, but we do not recommend it. For the best experience, please use a laptop or computer with a screen larger than 13 inches.

As with all things on the Internet, the faster the better. We recommend a speed of over 10 MBit/second in upload and download for the best experience.

To test the speed of your internet connection, visit the website https://www.speedtest.net .

The access link will be sent approx. 2 days before the event starts to the e-mail address that was deposited when purchasing the ticket. This mail will also contain the direct link to generate your personal password and leads you to the event.

If you have misplaced or forgotten your password, you can request a new password on the login page. If the link does not work, please contact our support!

Yes, for a multi-day event you will receive one login for all days. 


By purchasing a ticket and logging into the platform, you agree to our data policy.

The data you provide will be shared with exhibitors and partners to enable optimal matchmaking and make the event a success for you.

The details from the registration, i.e. company, name, address, e-mail address, will be transmitted to the exhibitor if you have visited the brandspace. The data will be made available in the exhibitor portal one day after the event.

In case you want to object to the data transfer please click on the button „Data protection settings“ at the very bottom of the platform and change the settings disagreeing to the point „Data sharing“.


NETIQUETTE – Please observe the following rules! 

Always ensure a fair and factual tone in your posts.

The following rules apply: Discrimination and defamation of individuals and groups have no place with us, especially on the basis of their religion, origin, nationality, physical condition, income level, sexual identity, age or gender.

The authors of such comments will be blocked by us. The same applies to posts that are written in vulgar, abusive or hateful language or that violate the rights of third parties and copyrights. We delete suspicions, insinuations or theories that cannot be verified and are not supported by arguments or credible sources. If external links do not comply with these rules, we reserve the right to delete them as well. If we leave links in comments, the following applies: We are not responsible for linked content.

The misuse of PHOTONICS+ as advertising space for websites or services outside the exhibitor portfolio as well as the commercial or private offering of goods and services is not permitted and will result in the deletion of the post or the reporting of the post. Content, information, software or other material that violates existing laws may not be published.

We do not take any responsibility for the contributions of the participants, this lies with the respective person himself. The author of the contributions gives FLEET Events GmbH with the posting of his contribution the right to hold the contribution during the event.

Violations of the netiquette listed here will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to delete, hide or report contributions at any time without giving reasons. By interacting on the digital platform, all participants accept these guidelines. Violations of the general laws and legal regulations may, under certain circumstances, lead to exclusion from the event and, in serious cases, to the initiation of legal action.

We thank you for your understanding!


  • You can leave your digital business card on the exhibitor's brandspace.
  • You can contact the chat agent on the brandspace directly via 1:1 text chat or video call. To do so, simply click on the respective contact person in the bar on the left.
  • You can watch the live presentations of the exhibitors and ask questions afterwards via the streaming chat. To do so, simply click on the corresponding hexagon on the brandspace or on the conference level.

If your video and audio are not working and you know that your camera and microphone work for other applications, follow this link that describes the technology we use (WebRTC) in more detail https://www.cometchat.com/blog / webrtc-101-everything-you-need-to-know 

If the chat is not working, there are a few things you can check:

  • Reload the web page to re-enable the chat application.
  • Clear the browser cache

If the two steps have been done and there are still problems, please contact support.

Clearing the browser cache varies depending on the browser you are using. You can find a good overview at https://www.ionos.de/digitalguide/server/konfiguration/so-leeren-sie-ihren-cache/

Please make sure that the camera and microphone are not used in parallel in another meeting. Alternatively, it may be that the firewall on a company PC or network blocks the tool. However, there is nothing we can do about this.


No, this is not necessary for digital events. The entire lecture programme can be viewed in the menu at the top right. You can compile your favorites by clicking on the star and will be reminded shortly before, but you do not have to adhere to this.

No it can only be saved and viewed in a separate list.

No this is not possible. You can only enter the lectures via the hexagon.

On the platform you can switch between the exhibition and conference level. The current main lectures can be found on the conference level. Simply click on the corresponding lecture hexagon and watch the presentations.

Yes! Simply open a second tab and enter the event URL again.

If you have questions for the speaker, please use the streaming chat in the presentation. Each chat will be supervised by our hosts and we will try to answer every question.

We have developed our own tool for all presentations. It is based on WebRTC - a free open source project that enables web browsers and mobile apps to communicate in real time via simple programming interfaces.

The presentations can only be entered via the hexagons on the main page.


If you haven't found an answer to your question(s), you can contact support via the red chat icon in the lower right corner of this browser window.

We will be happy to help! 

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